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South Park - Kyle Wave (Gif) by Flip-Reaper-ZSouth Park - Kenny Wave (GIF) by Flip-Reaper-Z

Hi there ;w; Please don't thank me for watches, favourites, or llamas. I really appreciate that you are thanking me, and it's only polite, but please, they kind of spam my comment box. :( If you really want to repay me, a llama is appreciated, or anything else that doesn't have to go in my comment box. :)

About me.

.:CrystalGems:. by veri119

Name: Izzy
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Sexuality: Bisexual
Currently living in: Calgary, AB
Status: Single (But not looking online, thanks. I'll allow other OC's to be with my OC's if they so desire, though.)
Zodiac: Pisces
I am derpy piece of shit of a person that loves to draw. I have several bad habits (Staying up late for one) that I never can seem to break. I love to draw (Duh), sing, listen to music, and dance. I can be a bit grumpy at times, but I mostly love to chat. :3 (I'm better at texting/commenting online than I am at actual talking) I can also be shy, but don't let anything stop you from talking to me! :dance:
"What does your username mean?"
PsariUsagi is based off of my star sign. Psari (ψάρι; pronounced psári) is Greek for fish. I put it in Greek because Pisces is my star sign. Usagi (ウサギ; pronouced usagi) is Japanese for rabbit. The Rabbit is my eastern sign.

SP OC info: Doug

(I used a South Park character creator and edited it slightly to my liking, so yes I am aware Doug's sprite's bangs are going the wrong way. If you're drawing him, draw his bangs the other way, please.)

Name: Douglas (Doug) Krewski

Age: 9 (Will RP 9 year old or 16 year old Doug.)

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Ginger

Eye Color: Pale green

Height: 59'' tall

Ethical race: Caucasian

Sexuality: Bisexual

Birthday: November 22

Zodiac: Scorpio

Religion N/A

Grade 4th-10/11th

Occupation: Student

Favourite colour(s): Light green and blue.

Stick of Truth Outfit:
King thief outfit in the game (He ditches Cartman xD)

Canon Best Friend: N/A, but enjoys hanging around Butters and Kenny

OC Best Friend: Levis Smedly

Parents: Mary (Mother) and Chester Krewski (Father)-->Has a 12 year old cousin named Taryn; he barely gets to see her. (I will add information about her soon, and she should be the last SP OC I put into high detail for since I make a lot of OC's then I do NOTHING with them)

Pet: A border collie-shepherd cross named Sam

Canon Crush(es): Bebe Stevens, Kenny McCormick, Craig Tucker

Personality: Shy, and doesn't talk very much. He may get a bit more talkative if around good friends, but not by much. If embarrassed, his face and ears will turn red, usually trying to leave the room before it happens.Though he has a quiet personality, he enjoys being around friends. If he doesn't text or talk to a friend for a while, he will slowly think of depressing things. His best friend, Levis Smedly [I will eventually post a proper ref of him as well.] is usually there before that happens. (Doug is not depressed, he just sometimes gets himself sad.) Doug can be a bit ill tempered, but mostly mentally. If he dislikes a person, or something about them, he usually holds it in and never tells them. He strongly dislikes toxic people (Individuals that seem extremely annoying to him, for example, very loud and whiny people get on his nerves. He can't stand them.), and usually tries to avoid them at all costs.

Bad Habit: He has a bad habit of not texting people back, and tearing up small useless objects apart, such as pieces of paper.

Phobias: Doug is slightly claustrophobic

Sports: He is not usually sporty, but enjoys swimming and skating (Both ice and rollerblading) freestyle.

Likes: Painting, listening to music, hanging with good friends, playing with his dog, walking through forests alone during the daytime, lying in bed, and playing video games.

Dislikes: Getting in trouble, school, bullies, being used, toxic/loud people, homework

Characters he gets along with: Kenny, Kyle, Stan, Butters, Wendy, Token, Tweek, Nicole, Craig

Characters he seems okay with: Clyde, Cartman, Red, Jimmy, Damien (Since Damien seems to pop in and out of hell, Doug has met the guy once or twice. He doesn't seem like the nicest guy, but Doug doesn't dislike him. He has never met Pip, though since the poor guy died before Doug even moved to South Park), Bebe (He doesn't seem to like her bitchy personality, but is attracted to her), The goth kids

Characters he would dislike: Towelie, Al Gore, Shelly Marsh (He would have been okay with her bitchy personality, if it wasn't for her abusive nature towards Stan.)

A bit more information: Doug's family moved to South Park from Cherry Hills Village, Colorado, due to his father's business reasons.(His father is a psychologist, and there were a better amount of patients in South Park than Cherry Hills...No surprise. xD) Doug was not happy to leave at first, especially, since he enjoyed the beauty of the village, and the amount of friends he had at the time. He also didn't like how the kids of South Park treated him, taunting him because of his lack of words, but over time, he was able to make friends, including his best friend, Levis, who had been living in South Park for six years. Doug is bisexual. He likes both boys and girls, but doesn't have the courage to come out to his parents. He usually tells good friends once he trusts them enough. Doug has ADHD, but doesn't need medication, since it isn't needed, because it isn't very major. His eyes are so pale, some people mistake him as a blind person at times if they're stupid enough.

More information about teen Doug can be found here:

I'm a fan of....

Kenny stamp by Okami-MoonySouth Park by sequelleKYLE :love: by Sabanjo- Stamp: Peridot. - by ChicaTHSteven Universe Stamp by The-Devious-WolfAmethyst Stamp by FedoraBowJesse Pinkman Stamp by SimmehBreaking Bad Periodic Table Theme Stamp by SpectreSinistreBreaking Bad - Walter White (Finale) by Zero-Janitorthe Mangle by flaiKiFNAF stamp by pastel--colorstoy Chica by flaiKiSkyrim Stamp 3 by DemoniumAngelSkyrim Addict stamp by ChrysalisloverSkyrim Stamp 2 by DemoniumAngel
Things I enjoy.

Prepare your non-lagging computer's anus

Also when I said I wasn't going to have stamps on my page

I lied
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These people deserve a watch right now.

The ones that I find AMAZING at art!!

Art done for me

These awesome people have drawn awesome things for me, so please take a moment to appreciate them.Kana by KevinthewolfAt: Teh Awesome Kitten by kikuhonda2GamTav by windsong13000Kana by kitcatTMSureve Kovero by HetaliaWeirdoAT: Aefori Aphada by kikuhonda2Nevala Yovapp by windsong13000Presenting Nevala Yovapp by devilsMistreatedRainbow Vortex by windsong13000Aefori Aphada by MetalChairzCybele Ixetec by MetalChairzkusari the ghost dog (A.T.) by KevinthewolfNevala by XxdeadlyhowlxXNevala-cutie~ by NeroDox6Melusine by HeadmasterTaxiidk what she'sholding. but she looks p chill by Supernerdo13AT: Doug by sweetgirl-LizaDoug by Ask-Pyro-Nix
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SP OC Info: Levi

This is my second main South Park OC, and any other South Park OC I decide to make will not be featured on my page.
Name: Levis (Prefers to be called Levi or Lev) Smedley

Age: 10-16/17 (He's 10 in this picture, obviously)

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Pale strawberry blonde

Eye Color: Levi has Sectoral Heterochromia, which means he has two coloured eyes. (Right one is brown, left one is blue)

Height: 61'' tall

Ethical race: East Indian-American

Sexuality: Presumably heterosexual (Is slightly bi-curious)

Birthday: July 23

Zodiac: Leo

Religion N/A

Grade 4th-10/11th

Occupation: Student

Favourite colour(s): Light red (It's basically pink, but he doesn't want to admit it), and yellow

Stick of Truth Outfit:
Mage class

Canon Best Friend: N/A, but likes to hang around Stan, and Kyle.

OC Best Friend: Douglas Krewski (One of my South Park OCs)

Parents: Adan Smedley (Father). Levis' mother died in a tragic car accident when he was five. His father isn't the best parental figure, so Levis usually goes and does what he wants. Levis and his father don't have the best relationship. They don't talk with each other very often, and when they do, it's usually something his father is complaining about. Levis tries to get away from his dad as much as possible by staying at friend's houses. (Mostly Doug's, since he trusts him the most) His mother's name was Amelia.

Pet: A large rat named Squinkers; His father hates the rat, so Levis usually keeps him tucked away in his closet.

Canon Crush(es): Wendy Testaburger, Nicole (He has crushes on the taken girls xD), secrete crush on Kyle Broflovski

Personality: Quite loud and outgoing. He likes to share his opinion with everyone. Even though he's kind of a 'popular' kid, he enjoys spending time with very small amounts of friends. He tries to make everyone in a good mood, so Levis will usually try and adapt to the person he's hanging out with. (So, if the person is quiet and self conscious, then he will be more delicate and quiet around them.) That's how he gets along with a lot of people.

Bad Habit: He can, however be a bit over the top with people he truly dislikes. (Kind of acting cold, or rude around them; very out of character for him, so it's very noticable) He can also have a bad habit of spamming someone's text box.

Phobias: None.

Sports: No specific sport, but likes to skateboard and roller blade.

Likes: Talking/hanging out with friends, writing, going on adventures, exploring dangerous areas, collecting strange objects, reading

Dislikes: Waiting for things, not being able to talk to friends, seeing someone sad

Characters he gets along with: Kyle, Stan, Clyde, Bebe, Kenny, Butters, Wendy, Token, Nicole

Characters he seems okay with: Craig, Tweek, Damien (He is the son of Satan, but Levi is able to find his soft spot when he talks to him, so he's alright.)

Characters he dislikes: Cartman (No matter what he does, Levi can't seem to get along with Cartman. He's tried to become his friend because both of them had lost a parent, and wanted to comfort him in some way.), the goth kids (He dislikes that they always talk about depressing stuff and they usually don't enjoy his presence xD), Al Gore (I personally hate Al Gore, so he'll always be here.), people who discriminate

A bit about him

He was originally born in Vancouver, Canada, but after his mother died, his father decided to move back to his home town, South park, Colorado. Being a bit too young at the time to understand what had happened, Levis was able to adapt quite quickly to his new surroundings. He likes South Park quite a bit. He likes the brisk and nippy air. His father originally worked as a surgeon at Tom's Rhinoplasty, (It was his job before he decided to move to Vancouver for educational reasons and met Amelia. He stayed in Vancouver until she died. He got his job back when he moved back to South Park.) and earned good profit from it, but quit soon afterwards because of stress. After that, a lot of money was lost, and the two were forced to move into a small, cheap apartment. Levi was only supposed to have his braces on for a year or so, but they had to stay on because his father couldn't pay to take them off. Because of this, Levis is very self conscious about his teeth. He makes sure to keep them clean until they get enough money to take them off. Squinkers is a feral rat that Levis has been taking care of since it was a pup. He found it on the side of the street abandoned by its mother. His father doesn't approve of the rat, so he is forced to take care of him in his own closet. Doug's family secretly pays for the animal's vet bills so it doesn't catch any major diseases. Levis is heterosexual (Or claims to be), but will have bi-curious tenancies at times. He is quite intelligent, majoring in Math and English, even though he procrastinates often. He gets pissed of at how lazy Doug can be with homework at times. Unlike Doug, Lev will express how he feels about a person right away. If the person is scared off about how he thinks of them, then he knows they aren't good friend material.
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Some stupid gifs.

Based on my art, how old do you think I am? (looking on my profile doesn't count!) 

3 deviants said Add your own comment since I seem to only get your guy's attention through polls xD


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