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If you have watched me, gave me a llama, or favourited one of my art pieces, thank you so much :love:

No need to thank me for favouriting your wonderful art, watching you, or giving you a llama. :aww: I would appreciate it if you just checked out my art while you're here. I would love that :hug:
South Park: Kenny's Woohoo by saiyamewome

About myself

South Park - Kenny Wave (GIF) by Flip-Reaper-ZSouth Park - Kyle Wave (Gif) by Flip-Reaper-Z
Name: Isabelle "Izzy" L.P Angel-King
Age: 16
Birthday: February 25
Gender: Female (Cisgender)
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Religion: None. (Atheist)
Western Zodiac: Pisces
Eastern Zodiac: Rabbit
Residence: Canada
Status: Single, but not looking online.

I'm no one really all that important. I just really like to draw. It's kind of my addiction.

I do more than draw, though! I Love to do things like take long walks in forests, sing, dance, listen to music, and on and on. I'm a bit obsessed with my phone at times, then I totally forget about it for a day. It's weird. I am generally a friendly and open person (A bit socially awkward in real life if I were ever to be seen in person, not around my friends, though.) I forget things very quickly, usually leading to regret somewhere. I can be a bit lazy too...
I have a weird habit of giving people llamas if they visit my page or favourite one of my art pieces.

My username's translation is "Fish rabbit" Psari is a rough English translation for fish in Greek. Usagi is rabbit in Japanese. It literally is my two Zodiacs in one.

I will only watch you back if I like your art, or you as a person. I appreciate the watch, but don't expect me to watch you back.

My main fandoms are South Park, and Skyrim. I am part of other fandoms, but they aren't as important to me as these fandoms are.

I like Homestuck, but I'm not into it as much as I was a year ago. It seems that I have a stronger connection with stories written in books or simply a TV show. Webcomics seem to kind of die on me after a while.

I hate Five Night's at Freddy's fandom. It's full of immature brats. I do like the game and character designs, so I do enjoy drawing the animatronics as humans at times. That's the only reason you'll see FNAF in my gallery.

I also really like Mindless Self Indulgence. They are a band that I've been into since I was ten. Their music is quite offensive, but it makes me feel better when I'm sad or angry.

Been into South Park since May ish 2014 (South Park has been in my life since I was super young, like my older brother would watch it and I would get glimpses of it, but never started actually watched it until recently because I was intimidated to watch it because of the lewd and offensive content, but now I'm technically the age to be able to watch it. I'm not a pussy or anything, I just wanted to stay away from this kind of stuff until I could understand it. Every South Park episode I watch I can understand now, but if I was younger, I probably wouldn't be able to understand it.)
Been into Skyrim since early early 2014 (I always heard about the game, then when I started to play it, I got hooked instantly. The fact that it's an open world game that has so many sidequests, the game almost never ends after you finish the campaign, especially if you get the DLC's for the game.)
Been into Five Nights at Freddy's since early August


REQUESTS ARE FOR FRIENDS ONLY. (this is a recent rule.) Sorry some people have been asking for requests that are very hard for me to do, and also basically, I don't want to work my ass off for someone I don't know. (Sometimes I will allow people to request me if I have art block, though.)

I DON'T DO ART TRADES ANY LONGER EXCEPT FOR FRIENDS. A lot of people have again asked for quite difficult art trades for me to finish, and some still haven't shown me their part yet.

NOTE ME ABOUT COMMISSIONS. This is the only one I will do for a stranger. The price will start from 20 points.

I sometimes give my friends random gifts.



I will draw animals, but I am a bit better at cartoony people.

Bonny by Vania-kDismantled Bonnie Pixel by Vania-k


I can't get no sleep Stamp by Endorell-Taelos'I hate not having ideas' Stamp by SynfullCritique Stamp by mirz-altAnti-creepypasta stamp by GallericaAlways In My Face Stamp by AmethystKirbyDear-Bronies-Stamp by Leathurkatt-TFTiggyNice to Me Stamp by Mirz123I SUPPORT MOCHA by caffeineaddictsAnime and Western Stamp by fluffy-the-wolfBoobs by QuidxProxQuoboobs  stamp by MisuzumiyaIchiroutaI Support Kenny Speech Stamp by XXxEmo-GurlxXCan't Sleep Stamp by In-The-MachineSleep - Stamp by SuyyArt at 3 AM by blackdahliaDark and Girly Stamp by StampMakerLKJI love black stamp by violetsteelGroucho Marx Quotes 1 by Claire-stampsI Have A Dirty Mind by parliamentFunk.:I forget shit.: by Da-DingoBisexual Stamp by AirieFeristoSupport South Park OCs - Stamp by lollirotfestStamp- South Park by MaderzStamp- We love Wendy by MaderzStamp: Women are human by Riza-IzumiStamp: Men are human by Riza-IzumiStamp: Kids are human by Riza-IzumiFeminist... by MatthewThorntonAtheist Stamp. by immortalbeloved0Pacifist Run Stamp by BellaveeStamp: Fandom wars by Lady-WerewolfMost fangirls are sane by Sayuri13145NaF's Elitists by Squids-StampsStop fandom abuse - MLP:FIM by HyaKkiDouR4nFandom Abuse Kills Interest-FNAF Fandom READ DESC by PsariUsagiAnti fandom abuse stamp - Homestuck by HyaKkiDouR4nDragon stamp by MasanohashiPet Dragon Stamp by Sky-YoshiStamp: Dragon Fan by SD-DreamCrystalOkay, I'm out of material by FlacidPenisLacking in Diversity by CraptrapThat doesn't help your cause. by World-Hero21WHERE THE FUCK IS IT? by Cyanide-TeaGraphicWorld by MyMetaverseMy philosophy in a nutshell. by JayStampsGateway to Heaven? by CraptrapIt's All YOUR Fault, Apparently by Mintaka-TKI WANNA BAYBEH!!!!111! by Mintaka-TKStamp by EmotionlessBlueFriends stamp by Meddle689Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86Storage Stamp by NuclearFizixSo Be It - Stamp by Stamp-AbuseHates You Stamp by HappyStampMusic Stamp by TaylorinchainsPajamas Stamp by WorldincoffeeStamp: Celiac Awareness by SafyranOC x Canon Stamp by Konata101Stamp - OC x Canon..? by sallychanAnti-Canon x OC by MustBeInfinitoSP Jew Stamp by JLGribbleSP Jesus Stamp by JLGribbleSP Satan Stamp by JLGribbleyaoi and yuri fan stamp. by LateDawnsStripy Socks Stamp by Kezzi-RoseForgetful by prosaixCrayon Stamp by Kezzi-RoseSP: F Coffee by CrescentNineSP: Damien by CrescentNineSP: Pip by CrescentNineAtheism - Stamp by MDKofDOOMKahl Stamp by Smacky35THIS STAMP IS ANGRY by skinnyveestampANGRY stamp by Aubergine-JeriBad Words Stamp by xSweetSlayerxGirls' Role Models Stamp by PudsSTAMP: My OC vs Your OC by ChikitaWolfStamp I support women dressing by Riza-IzumiGrumpy Bear Stamp by KalisamaSighing Stamp by WetWithRainADHD by TheParanoIIdPsychoim so special boohoo by itsMYopinionkawaii as fuck by itsMYopinionBLUHHHhHHH fEMINISM POOTRIARKEE WAHHH by KATZENSAFTOTP Stamp by agrajagthetestySTAMP: free to ship, tough luck by pnckeShipping Freedom Stamp by Konata101Matt Stone + Trey Parker Stamp by SpiritLeTitanMatt and Trey Stamp 04 by stoopidsarahstampsBASEketball Stamp by SpiritLeTitanKyle's Mom is a Bitch - Stamp by DoxehMr.Slave- Jesus Christ Stamp by Reicheru25Towelie- Wunna Get High? Stamp by Reicheru25Foxy is the villian not the hero stamp by FurryLucarioReturnsIt's just a fucking horror game. by wingedoracleFoxy the Pirate Fox will never date humans or OCS by FurryLucarioReturnsWhoops, sorry for not changing who I am. by World-Hero21Seriously, Stop (long description) by I-am-BrittaCome On Now by I-am-BrittaI hate Lick Icons :C by SanguijuelaCensorship button, gaiz. by Caution-LowCeiling'I don't draw fanart' Stamp by SpikytasticAnti-Drug Stamp --READ THE DESCRIPTION-- by WolvenFlamesFrozen is Overrated Stamp by SoraJayhawk77South Park Stick of Truth Stamp by Freaky4live


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Welcome! Enjoy your stay. (Click gallery to see my art)


These people deserve a watch right now.

The ones that I find AMAZING at art!!

Beautiful art done by friends of mine

Kana by KevinthewolfAt: Teh Awesome Kitten by kikuhonda2GamTav by windsong13000Kana by kitcatTMSureve Kovero by HetaliaWeirdoAT: Aefori Aphada by kikuhonda2Nevala Yovapp by windsong13000Presenting Nevala Yovapp by devilsMistreatedRainbow Vortex by windsong13000Aefori Aphada by MetalChairz:thumb453048411:Cybele Ixetec by MetalChairz</kusari the ghost dog (A.T.) by KevinthewolfNevala by XxdeadlyhowlxXNevala-cutie~ by NeroDox6Melusine by HeadmasterTaxiidk what she'sholding. but she looks p chill by Supernerdo13div>

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9 deviants said Above ten but under fifty.
6 deviants said Under ten.
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No deviants said Above five hundred but under a thousand.
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